The Adventures of Brady Ladd

The adventures of a young boy – Brady Ladd – Who has a knack for getting in and out of trouble…

Spring break just went bad for young Brady Ladd. Once again, he finds himself the victim of unplanned complications. As a result, he has been banished to his room for the rest of the week. After three days of watching all his friends play outside from his bedroom window, Brady is given a reprieve for good behavior. His good pal Gavin is the first to hear the news and immediately tells Brady about a dead dog that he and the gang have found. And soon the boys are off on an adventure.
Unbeknownst to the boys, an extremely harsh alien by the name of General Mert is on a direct course for Brady’s hometown. Mert’s mission is to collect Earthlings for a powerful client.
Brady and his pals meet up with the aliens and very quickly things go wrong. Only quick thinking and a lot of luck allow Brady to escape. Now the chase is really on.
Mert is not used to having his prey slip away and he takes a personal interest in re-capturing him.
Brady soon fiinds himself cornered with no hope of escape.
Now the only question that remains is can he stop an obsessed seven-foot tall evil alien, save his hometown and, most importantly, rescue his friends?


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