A Codi Sanders Thriller

Five Book Series
A long forgotten cold case suddenly heats up when a new technology is stolen by a subversive group. With the clock ticking down, newly minted federal agent Codi Sanders and her team have to free themselves from certain death, solve a case no one knows exists and navigate major international implications to stop a global disaster.


Book 1
Terminal Pulse by Brent Ladd

Book 2
Blind Target by Brent Ladd

Book 3
Cold Quarry by Brent Ladd

Book 4
Cold Quarry by Brent Ladd

Book 5
Fatal Measure by Brent Ladd
Hu 2.0 | Brent Ladd

A Jericho Thriller

Hu 2.0

Mankind’s future is ripped apart when the evolution of the species divides into two categories. Original Human, 1.0 and New Human 2.0. The rift sparks a war that leaves the planet decimated and the 1.0’s on the brink of extinction. As a man born of science and raised by an AI, Jericho must  find his humanity and place in this new world while doing everything in his power to save it. A bifurcated world with no love for a one-off human.

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Eye of Faith by Brent Ladd

A Cable Janson Historical Adventure

Eye of Faith

After walking away from a full ride scholarship at the prestigious Radcliffe institute at Harvard, Cable Jansen finds himself enamored with traveling the world and the people and places it holds. He's been beat up in a street brawl in Prague, blessed by a monk in Bhutan, slept next to a camel in the Sahara, robbed twice in Istanbul and inspired at the summit of Kilimanjaro all along the way Cable's gained many friends and expanded his considerable language skills and cultural knowledge. The unexpected death of his father catapults Cable on a do-or-die mystery to solve an ancient riddle forgotten by time and stop a back market antiquities dealer bent on greed and fame. 

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Meet Codi Sanders

Newly minted Federal agent Codi Sanders has struggled most of her life. Though most people would think she had it easy growing up as an only child along the coast of San Diego. The fact is, Codi was a product of a broken family. A family that had finally snapped, following the untimely death of her military father. Codi’s mother nearly self-destructed. She dipped into depression and disappeared for days at a time. Codi became a latchkey child who was forced to fend for herself. Codi’s Mom moved them every year or so in search of better - Better boyfriend, better job, better grass.