Codi Sander | Book 2


A missing squad of 1950’s Russian commandos are discovered frozen in a retreating Alaskan glacier. When Codi and her team try to return the bodies to Russia, a very old and secret operation comes to light. Igniting a life and death case with a ticking clock and the security of the world at stake. Codi and her team fight through impossible odds to stop those responsible and save thousands of innocent lives.

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Coming March 2019

Meet Codi Sanders

Newly minted Federal agent Codi Sanders has struggled most of her life. Though most people would think she had it easy growing up as an only child along the coast of San Diego. The fact is, Codi was a product of a broken family. A family that had finally snapped, following the untimely death of her military father. Codi’s mother nearly self-destructed. She dipped into depression and disappeared for days at a time. Codi became a latchkey child who was forced to fend for herself. Codi’s Mom moved them every year or so in search of better – Better boyfriend, better job, better grass.