Brent Ladd

Writer Director Brent Ladd has been a part of the Hollywood scene for almost three decades. His work has garnered awards and accolades all over the globe. Brent has been involved in the creation and completion of hundreds of commercials for clients large and small. His work has allowed him to work with some remarkable people and visit locals around the globe; he loves to include them in his writing.

Brent found his way into novel writing when his son, Brady showed little interest in reading. He wrote his first book making Brady the main character – The Adventures of Brady Ladd. Enjoying that experience, Brent went on to concept and complete his 1st novel, Terminal Pulse, A Codi Sanders Thriller – The first in a series.

He is an avid beach volleyball player and an adventurer at heart. Brent is a fan of a plot driven story with strong intelligent characters. So if you’re looking for a fast paced escape, check out one of the Codi Sanders Thrillers.

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