Cold Quarry by Brent Ladd

Cold Quarry

Just Released! COLD QUARRY – A cold case from the 60’s comes back to life when a body is discovered in the jail of a small town buried under a manmade lake. Codi and her team peel the evidence back to uncover a terror plot that is nearly complete. With a time running out, it takes all their determination and …

Blind Target


Talk about, “Edge of your seat” thriller. Brent successfully brings you to the Alaskan Tundra making you yearn for a fireplace and a warm jacket. The suspense, twists and turns keeps you entangled. Don’t pick this book up if you have something important to do!

Jeff Klem – New York Times Best Selling Reader

Terminal Pulse

Terminal Pulse

“Brent Ladd weaves a dark web of deceit and suspense that makes this spy thriller a compelling and exciting read. You will find yourself hurrying through work and errands and meals in order to get back to this deliciously chilling adventure. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Raymond Obstfeld – NY Times Best Selling Author