A New Super Hero


I LOVED TERMINAL PULSE. The introduction of Codi Sanders has brought a new super hero to us – just when we need a strong intelligent female character that isn’t afraid to kick some butt.
I picked it up to just read a passage as was in the middle of another book (a NY Times best seller by the way & I don’t like to overlap_ – but I was unable to put this down!
The character of Codi Sanders works for the GSA – really boring, right? No way – she gets involved in a terrorist investigation and with an interesting ensemble of characters, pretty much has to try and save the world.
I was also hooked by the other characters, and the plot moves fast – gripping and scary at the same time. You believe in these characters and are rooting for them in all the bad situations. Hope there is a plan for their return in this anticipated series. Maybe even with a little romance????
The fast paced action was not over the top but kept me engrossed as I could imagine this really happening. I could picture the locations and scenarios in a great movie. HEY HOLLYWOOD – pay attention – this really should be a movie.
Other action writers are going to have to step up their game to compete with the new sheriff in town – Brent Ladd!